Homemade nacho cheese sauce


Chef in disguise

Nacho cheese dip, super easy to make and so tasty

I HATE buying nacho cheese sauce!

The amount of chemicals and preservatives in the ingredient list makes me cringe! Yet my kids beg for it every time we go grocery shopping.  I rarely buy it but whenever I do, I promise myself that this is going to be the last time! “I will make it at home! how hard can it be?” I tell myself every time.

Well I finally did and let me tell you, it is not hard at all! In fact, it turned out to be super easy and super quick! All you have to do is add cheese, mustard and paprika to your favorite bechamel sauce! and voila! homemade nacho sauce that the kids loved so much that they ate it with vegetables!

What finally got me to try making my own nacho cheese sauce was this month’s daring cooks challenge

This month, the Daring Cooks…

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