Roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce

heirloom-tomato-sauceAnd the tomato recipes go rolling, rolling, rolling on.

Last week I picked up a bushel of organic paste tomatoes from Fishkill Farms; at the same time, I got 20 lbs of heirloom paste tomatoes, a gorgeous red-and-yellow-stripey varietal with a deep magenta flesh, few seeds, and fantastic flavor. (I also grabbed some orchard nectarines, heirloom baby orange sweet peppers, NY maple syrup, and Flying Pigs‘ hot Italian sausage. Fishkill has a great year-round farm market, full of all sorts of local goodies, as well as a beautiful orchard: well worth a visit if you haven’t been.).

While my hybrid paste tomatoes were a bit under ripe, and are slowly ripening in the garage-cum-pantry, the heirlooms were perfectly ripe over the weekend, and I wanted to make a couple of recipes that focused purely on their stripey goodness, especially before they started getting too ripe…

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