Foie Gras, Magret and Duck Legs Sorted

Cooking in Sens


My husband and I were discussing the ban on foie gras in California and wondered if it was banned in other States.  What California actually banned was the gavage or force feeding of birds.  I don’t believe that you can have “real”, quality foie gras without force feeding but I do understand the why of California, the State I grew up in;  California is filled to the brim with bleeding heart, tree hugging, liberal, vegetarians!  I, of course, escaped this subversive influence because my mother was from Texas 😉


Happily for us, according to the internet, foie gras is not banned in the other States.  In fact, right across the Delaware river in Ferndale, New York, not far from where my husband grew up, is the Hudson Valley Foie Gras and Duck Company, the proud producer of duck products from Mulard ducks, including foie gras, duck legs and duck breasts.

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