Grilled Corned Beef Brisket

Cooking in Sens


My husband, hungering for corned beef and cabbage like his mother used to make, popped a corned beef brisket in the shopping cart that I hurled into the freezer when we got home. It’s no where near St. Patrick’s Day and making a boiled New England dinner held no charm for me.  Still, he is my husband and I know he’s going to buy me a whole bunch of stuff I want 😀  So, as a compromise, I tried to think of another way to make corned beef without boiling.


Many years ago, to my surprise, I learned that pastrami was just corned beef coated with a spice rub and smoked.  I reasoned that if you could smoke a corned beef brisket, then you could off flame grill it which is way more interesting than boiling one.  I adore off flame grilling 🙂


First, to remove some of the salt, I boiled…

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