Gruyere, Bread, Scallion Stuffed Kabocha Squash

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I often get recipes stuck in my head, like songs. They’re like humming a familiar refrain only it’s more active. I’ll toss the recipes over and over in my mind and imagine how I would execute it, what I would change, what I would add. I imagine pouring the oil, flipping the fish, marinating the mushrooms. The preparation and the taste permeate my dreams. It connects me with a part of myself that lies a little more dormant while drafting complaints or climbing the four flights of stairs to get home. No, I don’t have a farm or a farmhouse in the city, but it’s there in my mind’s eye, in my travels, in my walks to work, in my dreams and in my kitchen. It’s solid.

I’ve mentioned before, on my way to work I walk past Boulud’s restaurants and have this daydream that one day I’ll enter the…

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