Cooking in Sens


One day my mother and father were having one of their infrequent spats.  My mother declared to my father that she was not made of iron.  He thought that was so hilarious that for the rest of his life “Iron” was his nickname for her.


I would really, really like some calf’s liver!  Baby beef liver will not do.  The liver should be pale pink, not dry and fresh.  Unfortunately I have not found that yet and I’m starting to feel weak from an iron deficiency.  That’s why I bought this farm grown kale and the oh so cute baby Japanese turnips.  Medicine.  Bacon is also nutritionally beneficial.  Protein.  Voila 😀


Hakurei turnips are delicious, both raw and cooked.  I should have bought more!


I’ve made this stir fry before using chard in both France and Germany.  It’s hard to say whether I prefer the kale or chard.  It doesn’t matter, they both are…

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