Red Pears

Cooking in Sens


Haiti was my first experience living overseas.  We didn’t live in the capitol city of Port au Prince, but in the southern town of Les Cayes, about 12-13 hours over unpaved roads, about 190 km (118 miles).  But we were young and the trip was an adventure.  We thought it was so cool to have to ford rivers, sometimes getting stuck in the middle and then being pulled and pushed out by the very friendly locals.  Ah youth!  Idiots 😀


Because Les Cayes was in the “deep” country, there weren’t a lot of supermarkets.  There was one, a sort of general store that sold everything from pesticides to take out sandwiches, often side by side.  Most shopping was done in the country farmers’ market. It was in these local markets that my love affair with Haiti hit shaky ground.


Cows, pigs and goats were slaughtered and butchered in open fields at the markets. It…

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