Cooking in Sens


Whenever I see tiny fish like whitebait or sardines, I think of the fresh smelt my father used to fry.  I don’t know where he bought them but there was a season and he would come home with large sacks of unfrozen, small, whole smelts that he fried “hard” so that you could eat the head, bones and all without a squeamish pang.  Lovely.


I found these smelt at the Super Duper Market and even though they were frozen, headed and gutted, I couldn’t resist.  No they didn’t have that just-out-of-the-water fresh taste, but I could taste the memory.


Instead of reaching for a jar, I prepared some easy tartar sauce to combat any frozen, cardboard, fishy taste these smelt might have.  After all, Pennsylvania is landlocked and these fish had to travel.  Bummer that I couldn’t find the French cornichons but substituted with small dills.  This worked out okay but…

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