Fortitude Valley

Its in australia

Demi Around The World

Fortitude Valley is one of the hip/stylish areas in Brisbane. Take the ferry or the train it’s the same but once there take your time walking around (the main street is James St.), along the way grab a coffee or a fresh juice. There are so many nice, hidden cafes, bars, restaurants and cute boutiques: that you nearly have the temptation to stop every 5 m for a drink or a snak, please resist that temptation, you’re most likely to end up broke or really fat (maybe both). If you’re more of a Pub crawler: there are a lot of really cool places which are worth visiting in the evening/night, they will probably be bursting of local people chatting over a beer after work and enjoying life! So defenetly give that a shot as well.

The trainstation area is near China Twon, it doesn’t rapresent that much (or that’s what…

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