Peanut Butter!!

Laura jane Homemade

Best thing I have ever started doing is making my own peanut butter! Mainly because it is about the easiest thing you will ever create.

I love peanut butter and it goes with everything so I eat a lot of it and it never lasts long in our house. Store bought peanut butter is filled with all sorts of ingredients that you don’t even need and then the natural peanut butter is so expensive!! So I find myself stuck between not wanting to have all the added sugar/salt/preservatives and not wanting to spend outrageous amounts of money on a spread. So I bought a bag of Value peanuts on special at countdown and I was set to make it myself!

From a 1kg bag pour about half the bag into a food processor and blitz on low for about 2 minutes. Then using a spatula push peanuts off the sides…

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