Restaurant seven, Copita del Mercado, Shoreditch


Its been a while since stop six, three weeks in fact… so sorry for that! But in my defence party season has been well and truly in full flow, so finding a) the time, b) the money and c) the appetite for large meals has proved somewhat tricky.  However, when news hit me of another soft opening offering great food with a cheeky discount, I felt obliged to make amends for the failure of my first attempt at a soft opening experience.

Copita del Mercado is a new venture from the people behind Copita, a wonderfully traditional Tapas bar in Soho.  With this new location, they have decided to offer slightly larger dishes and have moved towards the sit down and eat restaurant experience, whilst maintaining the ethos of an evolving menu reflecting authentic tastes of Spain.

With five of us in attendance we decided to go for the full…

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