QING Moments

Today is Winter Solstice Festival or Dongzhi (冬至) Festival.  This is a festival observed by Chinese, and other East Asians like Koreans, Japanese and Vietnamese.

For the first time since I left my birthplace, I made some tangyuan (glutinuous rice balls) for this occasion.  In the past I used to just pick up a packet of ready-made ones from the supermarket near where I live.


When I was a young kid, there was no supermarket in my small hometown (but there are a few now).  Neither was there ready-made tangyuan available for sales.  So, it was mostly a once-a-year affair when it came to eating tangyuan.

These days, tangyuan can be easily made using dry glutinuous rice flour.  I remember in my late grandma’s time, she used to make them using wet dough available only from the wet market.  The dough had to be put in a bag made of…

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