Vegetarian Omelette

Omelette… hmmm CNT wait

That girl does things

They say that you can test a chef’s skill by asking him or her to make an omelette. Well, that’s quite biased for lazy people like me because all I cook for quick meals are omelettes. I can’t make a souffle for the life of me but I make my eggs look mold into a shape.

omelette4 practicing making omelettes.. every other day

Here, I made an omelette with rice filling, almost a mock-up of a Japanese Omu-rice. While omu-rice from Japan uses quadruple the amount of eggs, stirred quickly and fried fast enough to keep the gooey consistency of eggs inside mine are just plain eggs cooked enough to maintain a shell to hold its fillings.

for a simple easy meal for a simple easy meal

The key to make an omelette looking like an omelette is investing in a nice non-stick fried pan, watching the next e-how video and practicing a couple of times. I find that…

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