Casual restos: Sarah Musgrave’s best dishes of 2014

Burger fans….

Montreal Gazette

When it came to the dishes on the table, this was a year of big, sweeping trends and tiny details coming together at casual restaurants in Montreal.

Savvy business owners consciously responded to the public’s need — and desire — for cheap eats, smartly setting out to offer affordable fare beyond the hole-in-the-wall environment; formally trained chefs in downscale eateries wanted to do their thing on their own terms. Keeping price points strategically low was a priority for spots like cute little taqueria Fortune and L’Gros Luxe, which now has two locations slinging its approachable comfort food.

The Asian food scene continued to deepen, embracing more Japanese isakayas (Biiru downtown), more concept spots (Hà in the Plateau) as well as regions less represented here (“Filipino is the only Asian cuisine left to discover,” the chef-owner of TK Restobar quipped).

More generally, I was glad to see an improvement in plant-powered…

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