Happy Holidays from Hong Kong!

H in HK

Merry secular thingey! Christmas this year began, seeming blurry and far off. I wasn’t sure what it would be like in Hong Kong, in this job, or in my present skin.

Blurry Christmas?

I started by thinking of a few small nice Hong Kongey things to eat that people would enjoy, shopping for them, and packaging them up. That turned out to be quite a labor-intensive job lasting for a few days. The wrapping and boxing along took nearly 10 hours!

Addresses blurred for protection

Soon I noticed decorations appearing around. So yes, HK does do Christmas in a sense. Most office building lobbies have a tree, as does my lobby. Many nicer restaurants and Western-style places offer prix fixe dinners. A lot of people here don’t celebrate, but there’s a huge expat population which does.


Because Hong Kong is a massive commercial center, the capitalistic aspect is of course played up. This means malls are the best places to go to…

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