Intellectual Convos over Steamboat

Thoughts In Mind

Had a Christmas steamboat gathering over at B’s house today with C and V. It is really amazing that we met up thrice in about… a week?! Usually some of us are too busy so in the past it was kinda difficult to even have a meet up where everyone is present, let alone three! But okay to be fair two of us were missing for this one and one was missing for the second outing hahaha.

Interestingly, though not surprising, we had intellectual conversations that include science and philosophical topics like time, selfish gene, and cloning. Not forgetting the usual bitching and reminiscing of the past. Too tired recall them now but the greatest takeaway that I remember? – Women bear grudges for the longest time. Evidence supported by all the things these girls remember about the people in our secondary school lives hahaha.

Oh wells. Sadly, the next…

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