Orange Chicken Coriander Recipe

Chicken Madman



Once upon a time, there was a PRINCE named SURRENDER SINGH who seemed perpetually unhappy because he used to give everything up mid-way.
For instance, he gave up taking a crap and began having colon therapy to cleanse his system. Life was that difficult for him because of which, he never laughed nor smiled.

Sad Prince Surrender Singh Sad Prince Surrender Singh

The people of his kingdom would often wonder why a privileged man like him remained so unhappy. Some figured, it was because of his mother. “Mama’s boy,” they called him and made him the butt of all YO MAMA jokes.

Yo mama’s so unhappy that she left in the right direction.
Yo mama’s so fat, every time she walks, she does the Harlem Shake.
Yo mama’s so lost that even Sooby Doo can’t solve that mystery.

These jokes caused him hurt because all of it was true. When the Prince was little, the QUEEN…

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