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Happy Hanukkah Jews..many blessing


Hanukkah24th of December, 2014

Today marks the end of Hanukkah for the Jewish year of 5775. For so many reasons, Hanukkah seems more special this year. That the Festival of Lights coincides with the Winter Solstice somehow feels appropriate. We crave more light, as we endure
the fewest hours of daylight of the year. To compensate for this, we have the beauty of the menorah, with the symmetry of four candles on each side surrounding the elevated center candle. On the first day of this holiday, the menorah seems so bereft with
just a solitary candle on the outer edge, so disconnected from the center candle.

Tonight, the menorah can finally radiate its full gleam.

The high holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur began the year with an optimism and renewal of our lives. Then Sukkot celebrates our connection to the land and the food it provides us. Simchat…

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