Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies

Long sweeeties

Mikey's In My Kitchen

Tell me what’s better than making cookies with your nephew.

Not only are these the BEST FREAKING COOKIES I’ve ever tasted…they were so fun to make with my little munchkin, Grady.


Mikey and I got to spend the morning with this kid and we had such a blast. Uncle Mikey let him eat a ton of dough and candy and I eventually had to be the mean aunt who told him that he had had enough. We made cookies, chased after Norman and took a trek to the toy store where uncle Mikey wanted to buy Grady everything (we settled on some trucks).

We love spoiling our nieces and nephew (aka, filling them with sugar and sending them home with their parents). And don’t worry everyone (Mom), we can’t wait to eventually bake cookies and spoil our own little munchkins someday… But until that time, we just plan on stealing…

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