A Spring Pasta

the chef mimi blog

A while back when I made a sauce with Cambozola, a triple-cream blue cheese, I suggested that if there was any leftover sauce, that it would be fabulous tossed with pasta. But I didn’t end up with any left over!

However, I recently made a Lemon Goat Cheese, and I did have some left over. Actually, it helped that I hid it from my husband in the back of the refrigerator.

So today I’m going to show how easy it is to whip up a pasta dish, simply with a lemony goat cheese, and to make it spring-inspired, by also adding asparagus. It can’t get much more springy than lemons and asparagus!
You can use any pasta with this simple dish. Peas could be substituted for the asparagus, and if you want to include some protein, what about smoked salmon? Or Prosciutto? See how easy it is to…

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