The ultimate community food

Meta Mint

When faced with community subject I had a problem visualizing it in food terms. I wanted to avoid people in the pictures, which is difficult with the social aspect of the term. When discussing it with the editor, we realized that food which is prepared for large groups of people seems so old, almost a vintage habit. Željka, the editor,  was fascinated with big pots with large handles, which is so uncommon in today’s presentation of food. My social sciences brain light up with conclusion that this is actually a wonderful representation of growing individualization over time. “Imagine,” said Željka, “some people feel slicing one big cake is barbaric and prefer their own individual tinny cakes.”


This led me to thinking what are the foods that we still do share today? Which are socially acceptable forms of sharing a plate or a bowl? I started paying attention to social occasions involving food…

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