The Garum Factory

Rabbit braised with mustard-0319

In the spirit of estival amnesty, we chose not to publish an Easter post about rabbit, but now that our kitchen has been picked clean of of brightly colored eggs, it’s back to the cutting drawing board.  Herewith, Mustard-Braised Rabbit with Leeks, Peas and Radishes.  In other words, rabbit for grown-ups.

My first dining experience with things that go hippity-hop was in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, a double whammy; first for the rabbit, and second, for the chasseur or hunter  sauce (tomato, chanterelles, cream).  Europeans love to serve rabbit sautéed, braised (my favorite)  and roasted (a bit tricky; some parts cook faster than others).  In France, Italy and Germany rabbit is considered just another choice among a range of staple meat.   But in the US, where My Little Bunny, Goodnight Moon and Peter Rabbit impinge on the culinary imagination, we have a more ambiguous relationship with rabbit.   Common when…

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