Kami’s Cake 2015: Jimmie Cake!

jimmie-cakeJimmies, people. Not sprinkles, not shots: jimmies. Said in your best South Park Timmy voice: jim-MAH.

I went simple with the Kami Birthday Cake this year: 2 layers, basic cream cheese frosting, and lots and lots of jimmies. I opted for a quick-baking, no muss, no fuss chocolate layer cake from Molly at my name is yeh, though I swapped out hazelnuts for pecans because I’m ornery. And I was out of hazelnuts. [Though I will make that chocolate hazelnut squirrel cake one day. Oh yes, I will. Because: squirrel!!]

Taking no chances with cake-in-a-bowl this year, I put my two-layer cake liberally festooned with jimmies in the freezer for a full 4 hours prior to the 45-minute, pothole-ridden-and-winding-road drive to Kami’s house. I’m happy to report that, inertial dampener cake box or no, the Jimmie Cake made it there unscathed. And sliceable, even!…

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